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Threads connect is for our company not only the basic philosophy,
it´s a perfect description of our relation with our customers ...
Join our sides and learn about us  or get directly in contact  with us, if you have any questions!

Your team of Müller + Wiese

About us

The company Müller + Wiese e.K was founded in 1942.For more than 75 years we are a family company from the textile business with tradition. But this tradition means for us to be always at the height of the time on highest innovation level.

Our high-class demands for materials as well as  our employees are the uppermost maxim of our company. For us this is the only possible way to identify with every product and every service.

To give you a short idea about our philosophies and possibilities we have created this website.

Our Products

Our products are always of highest quality and are produced by the most modern production engineering. Of course we offer to you all this for a fair price.
Every employee has special trainings and educations. These are reflected in our products. You as our  customer will take profit of that, now and in the future! Up to 720 ends in direct warping or sectional warping for beams with inner width of max. 220 cm.

Our customers are placed all over the world.  You  also have the possibility to send us your yarn for warping or buy the materials from our side. If there is anything we can offer you, please let us know.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!